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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Amazon red
skin white moors’ progress was guided by the cycle of the planets Jupiter and
Mars from 1789 C.E. to 1933 C.E., a period of 140 years. Mars passes through
the 12 signs of the zodiac 72 times and Jupiter passes through the 12 signs
of the
zodiac 12 signs in a 140 years. Thus from 1789 C.E. to 1933 C.E. spelled the
rise and fall of Rome on a universal scale [Take note of the Fasci symbols on
both sides of the speakers podium in the U.S.: Congress]. Keeping in mind
that the first 8 presidents were Moors and they were in power from 1776 C.E.
to 1789 C.E. when the keys of power were transferred into the custodianship
of the Mystic Turks [So-called ‘European’ Masons] and Shriners that the
Moors charged with the duty and responsibility of protecting our sacred
shrine [New-Jerusalem/Washington, D.C.] and our sciences until we as a
people arose from our state of spiritual, moral and ethical decay and awaken
from our slumber to reclaim all that rightfully belongs to us from their
The 9th U.S.: President, George-Washington was a Grand Master Mason under the
tutorage of Emmanuel-Mu-Ali-Ben: Bey [Benjamin-Banneker]. George-Washington
was the first and U.S.: President and Grand Master Mason Franklin Roosevelt
was the last so-called ‘European’ President to rule in that 140 year
cycle. Roosevelt knew that he was the last to rule in
the 144
year progressive cycle of Roman universal influence when he established a new
order or new deal idea and broke the Roman order by ruling for 12 years which
is the measurement of man. When Roosevelt was giving those famous fireside
chats, he knew what was taking place [ The beginning of the gradual return of
the keys of power to the rightful owners, the Moors]. Everything that was
taken from us [Moors] is quietly being prepared for its eventual return to us
[Moors]; the gold [The U.S. is tributary to the Moors and they have to repay
a 25 million dollars in gold loan that we made to the U.S.: Government in 1861 C.E. that the U.S.: Congress is responsible to repay which is why the
seal of the Moors is on the back of the U.S. 1 dollar currency/tender/i.o.u.]
and all of the land was taken and so called whites were reduced from
landowner status to mere land user status. The land they murdered my
ancestors for and stole so that they could fraudulently provide their silent
cohorts/their people with fraudulent land grants, land patents, and allodial
titles that those thieves and their descendants have no spirtual, moral, or
ethical right to [ The same applies in Kenya, Zimbabwe, so-called
South-africa, Australia, etc.] yet they claim they are a ‘ God fearing nation
‘ ’ | If this is so, the Doctrine of Discovery from the Vatican which is still
in force would cease to exist effective immediately. If this is so then the
so called whites will gladly return our lands, repay the loan we made to
them, make recompense to us for the Tuskegee Experiment, Emmitt Till, Maurice
Bishop, The Berlin Conference, and way too much to list here [But don’t
worry’ |
We will get to that too!!!] to be in harmony with the God the so called ‘
European’ claims to love, honor, respect, and
The United:States is bankrupt and its sovereignty is gone. The courts in the
U.S. and the States are not solvent thus the Courts and Prosecutors cannot
have nor bring a claim against anyone because as a bankrupt entity it has no
authority to operate. Therefore the courts in the U.S. and the States cannot
and will not resolve any issues. Technically, there are no more courts in the
U.S. and the States. There are only private corporations doing business as
quasi courts with magistrates and administrative judges (An administrative
judge is not the same as a judge).
The U.S.: Bankruptcy is expressed in Franklin-Roosevelts’ Executive Order
Numbers: 6073,6111, and 6260 (See U.S. Senate Report 93-549 pp. 187, 594)
under Trading With The Enemy Act of 1917 codified as United-States-Code:
Title: 12: Section: 95a: House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5, 1933 C.E.
confirmed in Perry-v-U.S. (1933), case site 294 U.S. 330-381 and
United-States-Code: Title: 31: Sections: 5112 and 5119.
United-States: President: William-J-Clinton and his staff as well as his
successors, and U.S.: Speaker: J-Dennis-Hastert are well aware of the
re-emergence of the Moors on the global scene in the form of the

Sunday, May 15, 2011

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Saturday, May 14, 2011


my name is Glory and i seek for true friendship and
partner so i contact you,pls if you don't mind i will like
you to reply my mail back so i can send you my picture
and tell you more about self,